Which one of the five makes the best comparison?Tree is to ground as chimney is to SMOKE,BRICK,SKY,HOUSE,HEAT?

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6 Answers

  • House

    A tree comes out of the ground, a chimney comes out of a house

    Not brick

    A chimney is made of bricks, a tree is not made of ground

  • House fits best, but all could be used to an extent, depending on how it’s argued. A tree is a part of the ground, just as a chimney is part of the house. A tree shades/protects the ground, as a chimney protects a house. The others fit, but not as well as house.

  • House

  • brick you use a brick to make a chimney and a tree comes from the ground

  • House.

  • tree gives off shade, chimney gives off smoke…

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