Which one of the following substances is a liquid fuel used in rocket engines?

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A. liquid oxyen

B. ammonia

C. Potassium perchlorate

D. codium nitrate

9 Answers

  • I’m pretty sure that it’s liquid oxygen. I’m almost positive.

  • b = ammonia “liquid oxygen” is a trick answer to a trick question. Oxygen is the oxidizer and ammonia may be the oxidant. Potassium perchlorate and (S)odium nitrate are sturdy oxidizers. Ammonia is a gas that’s pressurized to liquid style while used as gas.

  • liquid oxygen is the oxidizer for rocket fuel … not the fuel itself. I’m not sure which of your choices is used as a rocket fuel … potassium nitrate IS one compound used as a rocket fuel

  • Ammonia

  • The correct answer is Ammonia.

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  • i know they use A. i dont think D. exisits. B. by its lonesome is no good. and C. i saw on CSI but not sure if you can use it to make explosive or not.

  • and ur right to be positive….cuz u are correct my young friend

  • B

  • d?

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