Which one of the following would not generally be classified under the heading of transformation?

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Which of the following would no generally be classified under the heading of transformation? A. Assembling B. Teaching C. Staffing D. Farming E. Consulting 2 points) What do you think about this sentence: The collective success or failure of companies operation functions has an impact on the ability of a nation to compete with other nations and on the nations economy.? Please provide an example to explain your understanding. (2 points) Regarding key issues for todays business operations (Chapter 1 section 1.10, ppt slide 20), make a real world example for risk management and innovating issues. (2 points) Pick a product/service and discuss its supply chain from the first supplier to the end customer. Draw a figure or map to show which input/output belongs to which stage (chapter 1 figure 1.3, ppt slide 14).

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1. Staffing


When we talking about transformation, we are referring to all
the activities that add value in products and services. Staffing
doesn’t directly add value because it is the process of hiring
right employees and workers. Assembly, teaching, farming and
consulting help in adding a valuable change which means they are
part of transformation.

2. Companies of one nation and their output
helps their economies get a boost by increasing the gross domestic
products and increasing exports to the international markets which
positively impacts the competitiveness of one country. For example,
if USA has majority of the share of innovative products, it’s
dominance in international markets will positively boost the
economy as the exports will increase and the USA will enjoy the
positive in balance of payments as well. The top companies of a
country drive the nation to a success on not just domestic level
but also at international level. The more collective success would
result in getting more business from the international markets,
more business would translate to more employment which further
gives a push to be more competitive as workforce gets more trained
and businesses more innovative, thus enhancing the competitive
capabilities of the nation as a whole.

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