Which organic compound is isometric with at least one aldehyde?

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A) alcohol

B) carboxylic acid

C) ester

D) ketone

2 Answers

  • D)

    Functional group isomerism

    In this variety of structural isomerism, the isomers contain different functional groups – that is, they belong to different families of compounds (different homologous series).

    For example, a molecular formula C3H6O could be either propanal (an aldehyde) or propanone (a ketone).

    There are other possibilities as well for this same molecular formula – for example, you could have a carbon-carbon double bond (an alkene) and an -OH group (an alcohol) in the same molecule.

    Another common example is illustrated by the molecular formula C3H6O2. Amongst the several structural isomers of this are propanoic acid (a carboxylic acid) and methyl ethanoate (an ester).


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  • You meant to say ISOMERIC. The answer is A.

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