Which Pairs of elements would be Least likely to form a compound by ionic bondind?

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C and N

Cs and O

Mg and Br

Na and S

Al and F

3 Answers

  • The one with the lowest electronegativity difference. That would be the C-N bond.

    But it’s important to note that ALL bonds are covalent. It’s just that some bonds are more polar than others. There are NO 100 percent ionic bonds. Even the most ionic of bonds (Cs-F) is 8 percent covalent.

    It’s also a misconception that metal/nonmetal bonds are ionic. There are many such bonds that are clearly covalent: Take AlCl3, SnO2, and CuS. All are less than 50 percent ionic. You will see this is a widespread misconception. Two of the responders this question have made that mistake.

    Also, carbon and nitrogen doesn’t have to form the cyanide ion. There are countless organic compounds where there are single, double and triple bonds between carbon and nitrogen that are not cyanide.

  • C and N is cyanide. Its a covalent bond group a triple bond. Its can form ionic bonds with other metals though. Like KCN is potassium cyanide and is an ionic compound. But itself cyanide is not ionic. Ionic compounds are between metals and non metals.

    EDIT: The guy below me is right (I think) I am only in 10th grade though.

    but what was the thumbs down for. I did give a correct answer that C and N are least likely

  • c and n

    ionic bonds usually have metals in them

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