Which set of conditions reflect STP?

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Which set of conditions reflect STP?

298 K, 1 atm  

25°C, 14.7 psi

373 K, 760 torr

273 K, 1 Pa

273 K, 760 mm Hg

3 Answers

  • 273 K, 760 mm Hg

    Although STP must be in atmospheres, 760 mm Hg = 1 atm

    Source(s): Natural Born Chemist
  • Hi, I hate giving wordy answers, but the following is relatively short and it WILL help answer your question. Believe me ^_^ ______________________________________… Ideal Gas Law: The ideal gas law, PV = nRT, gives an accurate description of the behavior of real gases at low pressures and at temperatures which are high relative to the boiling point. The ideal gas law is based on the assumption that the molecules experience no intermolecular forces and that the molecules occupy no volume. These assumptions are valid at low pressure and high temperature since under these conditions the molecular density is low. The molecules are too far apart to “feel” attractive forces exerted by other molecules. Furthermore, since the molecules are far apart, the volume occupied by the molecules is negligible compared to the total volume occupied by the gas. Real Gas: In reality, intermolecular forces do exist and molecules do occupy space. The extent to which these factors cause a gas to deviate from the ideal gas law at a particular temperature and pressure will depend its molecular structure. Under the conditions of low temperature gas molecules are close enough together so that intermolecular attractive forces become significant. This causes the pressure of the gas to be less than that predicted by the ideal gas law. Therefore, your answer should be…[E]!!!!

  • ok no that would be wrong, I am pretty sure the answer to this one is 3 or c

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