Which statement about Juneau, the capital of Alaska, is true?

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A. It is surrounded by deciduous forests.

B. It has only two roads leading out of town.

C. It has a population of 630,000 people.

D. It can only be reached by plane or boat

5 Answers

  • The correct answer is (D).

    source, from “Juneau’s Local Area Information” below:

    “There are no roads leading into or out of town, so all travelers come by air or water.”


  • D. It is surrounded by evergreens, population is around 30K, there are zero roads leading in or out of town, hence D is correct.

  • Not A. It’s coastal, so part is on water. That and it is surrounded by Sitka spruce, a conifer;)

  • a

  • D.

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