Which statement below about prototypes and headers is true?

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28. Which statement below about prototypes and headers is true? Parameter names must be listed in the prototype, but not nece

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28 . b) Prototypes end with a semicolon, but headers do not

(The prototype of a function is declaration of a function, that
tells the compiler that there is a function with such name, return
type and parameters, that can be defined anywhere else in the whole

E.g. int add(int,int); )

29) c) (x>0) && (x<=0)

( this case will be true only when, the value of x is greater
than 0 and at the same time, less than or equal to 0. This is never
possible for any integer value of x )

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30) c) linker

( A linker combines or links the object files with the
corressponding library files)

Question II)


void fun(int &arg1, double &arg2, string &arg3)


arg1 = 0;

arg2 = 0.0;

arg3 =””;



int limit,entry,triple;


for(int reps = 0; reps < limit; reps++)



triple = entry * 3;




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