Which statement best describes the polarity of CH2Cl2 & SF4Cl2?

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a) molecule is always polar

b) nonpolar

c) depends on arrangment of outer atom, could be polar or non

3 Answers

  • …….Cl


    H—- C —H



    This is what CH2Cl2 looks like, the Cl are more electronenegative then the C, as well as the H and thus there will be a cloud of electrons surrounding the Cl, making it Polar

    As for SF4Cl2. It has 6 bonds and has a octehedral shape. The bonds themselves are polar but the molecule isnt because the bond polarities cancel out since they point in opposite directions. Think of it like an addition problem. if a molecule is polar to the right and has an equal polarity pulling electrons to the left, the net polarity will be 0.


    + <—


    0 (cancles out)

  • Sophie is incorrect. While it is true that the bonds polarities can cancel out, if the bonds are in axial positions, the polarities will not cancel, making it polar. So, it depends.

  • CH2Cl2 is always polar

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