Which system does the CPU use to interpret and process input data and why?

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  • ur processor is the main processing unit of computer.. all the logics . addition.. subraction.. multiplication.. division..

    when data is input… the data is stored in ram at a particular addresses… from there the data goes to cpu(processor). the data is then processed.. that is decrypted.. calculated by alu(arithmetic logic unit).. n sent back to ram and stored at different address… then the result is shown..

    the ram.. cpu.. n other parts are connected by bus.. they are really fast.. like million gb per second..

    just like we live in earth n have a particular address… similarly ram has addresses. n it is mostly in hex code..

    i just explained in brief.. but alot of stuffs more happen in the process…

  • While the computer is running, the CPU runs atomic instructions which are read from harddisk into memory (RAM), and which each manipulate a small piece of data. In accumulation these instructions lead to the result of the apparent connection of input (for example, typing the keyboard) to output (for example, displaying stuff on screen). The atomic instructions used are somewhat different for each CPU, but common desktop PCs use extensions of the x86 instruction set.

  • the cpu is the computer and it is the processor thus the name “central processor unit”. it is the brains of your computer and makes everything else run together.

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