Which type of path do planets follow around the sun? plz help!! i wanna pass my class! asap!?

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1. Which type of path do planets follow around the sun? (Points: 1)




  1. Which way does the sun’s gravity act on any body in orbit? (Points: 1)

      pulls it forward in its orbit 
      pulls it toward the sun 
      pulls it away from the sun 
      pulls it backward in its orbit 
  2. When does a planet have the fastest speed in its orbit? (Points: 1)

      when it is closest to the sun 
      when it is ƒᴀʀтhest from the sun 
      when it has a very low mass 
      when it has a slow rotation

6 Answers

  • 1) Ellipse

    2) Pulls it towards the sun

    3) Closest to the sun

  • planets orbit more circular than elliptical but can still be considered elliptical if only slightly, however pluto, which is no longer a planet but rather a trans neptunian object, has a more elliptical orbit.

    the gravity would pull the planets forward in their orbit because the sun itself rotates around a center of mass in the solar system

    the fastest speed in orbit would be closest to the sun, but like question one states they are more circular than elliptical so that closeness makes a small difference.

  • The planets all stick to approximate ellipses (approximate because of the fact the planets are gravitationally stimulated not in hassle-free terms via the sunlight, yet via different planets, particularly Jupiter). for diverse the planets in our device, the trails are incredibly on the element of around, yet for Mercury and Mars, their orbital eccentricity (how a techniques off from a circle their orbit is) is sufficient to work out that the orbit isn’t around in case you seem at a plot.

  • The first one is right

  • Good affirmations, but I am not 100%

  • Whoa, man, serious homework going on here.

    Look up Kepler’s laws on Google. I aint doing your homework for you. It’s a heck of a lot simpler now that when I was at school. You’ve got the internet, you lazy b. Use it.

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