white salt grains in bed ? help?

NetherCraft 0

no signs of bugs or anything like tht checkd my matress changed my bed etc, just find white-ish hard specs same size of salt in my bed hmm? wasnt itching till i tryed ta google it haha n everything came up with bed bugs, keep picking up fluff n staring at it to c if it has legs lmao

i itch allot though

2 Answers

  • It could just be excess soap powder that has not rinsed off your sheets properly, sometimes this happens if we overload our machines, there is not enough room for them to move and so they cannot rinse properly, therefore you get a residue of soap detergent on the sheets, that would probably rub off as you sleep.

  • Bed bugs are a lot bigger than salt grains. Probably the detergent as the other person says.

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