Who does Buffy the Vampire Slayer end up with?

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ok, i know this is pretty old news…. but i have just started watching this show and i was wondering who Buffy ends up with in the End? Romantically? and what happens to Angel and Xander? Please tell!

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    .O.K……THIS IS What REALLY Hapƿє-ṅєd !!…..

    In Th e End.. Willow turns ALL the “Potential Slayers” into “Actual Slayers”, using a Scythe. (sorta axe) It was forged by a sort of spirits of the passed Slayers.

    All of them, including Faith & Buffy & Spike, go down into the Hell Mouth, to fight an Army of Uber Vamps. Many of the “NEW Slayers, die. Buffy gets Very Hurt (sliced across the tummy) & Spike, who’s wearing an Amulet given to Buffy by Angel, ends up wiping all of the Uber Vamps out w/ the Magic of the Amulet & he burns all up. BUT Buffy tells him she loves him 1st!

    Up above, in the school (cu’z the Hell Mouth is under the school) Xander & Dawn –Anya & Andrew–Giles & Principal Wood are fighting the Vamps that make it upstairs. Anya is Killed, cu’z she saves Andrew. All the rest make it to the Bus where Willow is waiting (I guess cu’z after she does the magic, you don’t see her till then.)

    They have to speed away in the Bus cu’z Sunnydale is falling into a Giant like pit or crater. Then the Welcome to Sunnydale sign falls in at the very edge of town. Oh, but Buffy has to run for her life to catch the bus & she makes it!

    You are left with the thought that Willow ends up w/Kennedy–Faith w/ Pricipal Wood maybe give it a go!–AND The rest with no one but each other. Buffy wants to bu shoes, and Xander is worried about the Starbucks that got all ꜱᴜcκed up in the pit.

    Later as the Angel series goes on..Spike re-appears there as a ghost, but is made whole again later & he and Harmony hook-up once, and they make refferance to Buffy being in France and/or Italy (Europe)

    ————————THE END————————-


    Just like the 1st Buffy movie, I don’t count the comics, & I’m guessing you were only talking about the T.V. show.

    Hope you like my answer.!!!

    Take Care Fellow Buffy Lover !!!

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  • Umm. I’m not going to explain everything because you missed the last two years of the show. Plus now there’s the comic which is supposed to be Season 8. Anyway. Spike and Buffy hooked up, then Buffy broke it off and Spike stayed in love with her and got his soul back. In the last episode he died saving the world, but he came back in Angel. At the end of season 6 Tara got shot so Willow turned evil. She turned good again, but she was always sort of a magic junkie after that. A big evil came after all the potential slayer in season 7, so Buffy had to protect them all. Then Willow did some spell that turned all the potential slayers into actual slayers so instead of one there were hundreds. Anya died in the last battle. The hell-mouth was destroyed. Buffy smiled. The end.

  • Buffy And Angel Relationship

  • She doesn’t end up with anyone really. She loves Angel but also Spike. Angel leaves her knowing that their relationship will never work (he is a vampire she is a slayer) Spike falls in love with her but he does saving her and Sunnydale from the First Evil. Buffy also has numerous other love interests but Spike and Angel are the main two.

  • In the end of the series she ends up with no one. Quite sad, really.

    But in Season 8 (the comics) she’s just had a fling with a girl named Satsu (yep, Buffy got with a girl), who is also a slayer. I think that’s over now though.


    Oh, and as for Angel and Xander . . . Angel moved to Los Angeles and Xander ends up with an ex-demon named Anya, who is killed in the series finale. Xander goes on to basically be Buffy’s mentor in Season 8. I think that Buffy & Giles had a falling out. Xander’s like an army general or somethinhg for all the Slayers.

  • I think Buffy lovea both of them forever bc her a Angel gets tricks into having Twilight but she its Spike who she ask to go with her to get an abortion when she finds out she prego the show continues with tue comics and books love love Buffy She is the slayer that surpases all Slayers

  • Buffy doesn’t end up with Spike or Angel. In an episode right before the end of Angel (the show), it is said that she is in Italy having an affair with someone called the Immortal, but in the Season 8 comic books that is revealed to be false, so if you take those as canon, she isn’t with anyone.

    In the last scene of Angel, it looks like Angel is going to die in a huge fight to defend LA, but there was a comic book continuation that said he lived.

    Xander survives the destruction of Sunnydale in the last episode of Buffy, and references in the last season of Angel plus the Season 8 comic book indicate that he continues to work alongside Buffy, Willow and Giles to train all the new Slayers and fight evil as always.

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    Who does Buffy the Vampire Slayer end up with?

    ok, i know this is pretty old news…. but i have just started watching this show and i was wondering who Buffy ends up with in the End? Romantically? and what happens to Angel and Xander? Please tell!

  • wow its been so long since i’ve seen that show see if I remeber

    I know Angel gets over not getting to be with Buffy and runs off to L.A and thats when he get his own show ” Angel” oh and gets a thing with Cordy who follows him over to that show.

    Buffy doesnt get too many more hook ups but I know towards the end of the show she gets hott and steamy with Spike and they start quite a love affair. Coming to the end Faith comes back to help out and decides to be a good guy again….and then they blow up sunnydale 😛

    I can’t remeber what happened to Xander? I think him and Anya get back togather but I don’t remeber. And I’m pretty sure Willow gets left by Tara after she is bad and ruins everything between them.

    I would have to look it up thats the most that I actually remember and I loved that show.

    hope I didn’t give away too much there 😛

  • Buffy ends with no one. Angel goes to LA and Spike dies (He returns as a ghost in season 5 of “Angel”)

    Love that show <3 My childhood

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