WHO IS Dawn E. ozmande?

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i was watching smosh and ians like o u look like Dawn E. ozmande and i have no clue who he is plz send a link telling who he is and wut he looks like

1 Answer

  • Donny Osmond is the youngest son of a musical family. He sang with his brothers as a group, called “The Osmond Brothers”, then with his younger sister, billed as “Donny And Marie.”

    Donnie is known for his good looks, so good that people wonder how he got them. (In fact, while he is handsome, hair and make-up people did some to improve his looks.) The line sounds like it’s supposed to be a compliment, assuming it was said to a man.

    There is a picture of him at the link below, and if you click on “photos”, there are some more. (Warning: the site is a bit odd, in that it will give you a whole bunch of photos taken together, even though only one is of the person you are looking for.)

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