Who is or what is cadet maxim?

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I love that famous quote but have no idea about cadet maxim

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  • The United States Military Academy at West Point is a four year coeducational federal service academy located at West Point, New York. Established in 1802, USMA is the oldest of the United States’ five service academies.


    The Russian boys have proved to be a very strong team throughout the event. This has made it a tough competition for local and title defender Thomas Zammit Tabona, who just managed to pip Dmitry Tretiakov to the post by the winning the overall event by a mere half a point. Amongst these Italian Gianandrea Fiorillo has raced very well obtaining consistent and good placings which have put him high up on the results list.

    Probably one of the most outstanding sailors of the event was young Russian cadet Maxim Nikolaev. Maxim has consistently placed high in the fleet throughout almost all the races achieving two firsts in the last two races.


  • Cadet Maxim

  • Excellence can be attained if you care more than others think is wise,

    Risk more than others think is safe,

    Dream more than others think is practical, and

    Expect more than others think is possible.

    • Cadet Maxim

    This is the “motto” of the cadets {students} at West Point military school.

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    Hi best friend! 😀 it’s a nice motto & I think I’ve been unconsciously living by it for a while, lol ~

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