who knows how to become a cover girl model? ?

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I’m interesting in becoming a cover girl model.

Does anyone know how to get started?

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  • i got this from the covergirl FAQ section:


    How can I become a model for Cover Girl?


    We’re honored you want to represent CoverGirl products! Models appearing in our ads are selected by our advertising agencies. They work closely with modeling agencies from around the world to select models to represent our products. If you’re interested in starting a modeling career, your first step is to find a reputable modeling agency. Why not send a photo of yourself to local modeling agencies listed in the yellow pages? Also, many modeling agencies have a designated day each week or month, known as “open calls,” when they meet with potential new models.

    Here are a few tips to follow when dealing with agencies:

    • Check the agency’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau.
    • Review all contracts/materials carefully (for minors, do this with a parent/guardian).
    • Beware if an agency asks you to hand over a large sum of cash for things which may not be necessary, like tuition for the agency’s own modeling school.
    • Request references from the agency.

    Best of luck to you if you pursue a modeling career!

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    I started reading your question and I got to the bit about being 5’5″. And I thought to myself, ‘this girl isn’t tall enough’. But then I read that you’re not interested in runway. Editorial modelling is ALOT harder to break into than runway. And 5’5″ is definitely not tall enough to be on runway. That being said, you’re 13 and you should grow alot more. Most models in editorial are runway as well. My advice would be to get a portfolio together and send it to some agencies. Get a professional photographer to take some photos of you and go from there. I definitely think you have the potential from what I can gather and you have the fire inside you to want to do it but I’m only one person so yeah.. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  • Uh I model.. And there really is no way to “audition” or home to be a cover girl. Obviously you are young, since you seem clueless about the industry, and if you have not noticed, cover girl models are normally 20-30 years old. Also, modeling has become somewhat in the past, due to most contracts using already famous actresses in their campaigns which definitely helps sales. So unless you’re already famous, you really don’t have much of a shot..

  • oh yah havent you heard they let anyone intrested model for them

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  • call the company or the magazine, tell them about urself and ask for an audition

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