Who sings the song “my girls in the next room sometimes i wish she was you”?

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I think it’s nickelback but I’m not sure plus what’s the song name? thanks.

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  • Lips Of An Angel by Hinder

    Jack Ingram does the country version of it

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  • Lips of an angel

    Two artists performed this song, it was first performed by Hinder, when country artist Jack Ingram heard the song he thought it would be perfect as a country song. He made a remix of the song. I have only heard the song by Jack Ingram because I listen to country more than I listen to rock, but I do listen to rock. Nickleback is an okay band but I don’t think lips of an angel would be a song they would sing. I highly suggest listening to the country version it’s really good. I have been trying to listen to the version by Hinder but I haven’t had the chance.

  • Its by a band called Hinder and its called “Lips of an Angel” off the album Extreme Behaviour. Great song but overplayed where I’m from.

  • Thats Lp of an Angel by Hinder. Theres also a son with the same name and lyrics but it’s country and has a differant artist.

  • Its Lips of an Angel by Hinder

  • It is “Lips of An Angel” by Hinder off of the album Extreme Behavior

  • Hinder

  • It’s called “Lips of an Angel” and it’s by Hinder. Really good song!

  • hinder sings that song its called eyes of an angel!

  • hinder – lips of an angel

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