who sings the song that says, “I’m a chain smoking whiskey drinking son of a bi#%h?

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It is a country song I heard at the bar last night, it’s kind of a rock country song? any ideas?

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  • Mikel Knight….the song is called Whiskey Drinking SOB

  • I have been trying to find this song for a few hours, I am having no luck. I hear it every time I go to a country/rock club here in Las Vegas. The song sounds like something cowboy troy or trace atkins would do.. Upbeat with a deep base rythm.

  • Mikel Knight

  • This probably isn’t what you’re talking about but it might be “The Living Bubba” by Drive-by Truckers it has lyrics similar to that. If it isn’t the right song you should still check out it if you like country-rock

  • Son Of A ***** Lyrics

  • man, i dont have a clue.

    all i can come up with is that Gretchen Wilson song “here for the party”

    but im sure that isnt it. If i figure anything out i’ll post it up here

  • Moonshine bandits

  • Lukey B is right. I just looked it up on youtube. but she says “Son of a gun”

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