who sings the volvo freedom commercial song?

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4 Answers

  • Volvo Commercial

  • who sings freedom in the volvo commercial

  • I can’t stand that commercial. It is continually on CNN. I don’t like the song in the commercial, because she is basically screaming the song she sings. Now when it is on, I mute the remote until it’s over

  • The commercial is sung by “Audra Mae” . The song is Avicii mix of a song named “Feeling Good.

    Avicii has released the song as “Feeling Good”.

    “Google indicates “Audra Mae” wrote songs for “Susan Boyle” and she wrote “Little Red Wagon” a Miranda Lambert Song.

    Her Wikipedia Page which lists the Avicii Song used in the Volvo Commercial.


    “Feeling Good” by Avicii (song doesn’t start till 1:15)


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