who would win in a fight Pisces or Virgo…?

Pisces right…?

11 Answers

  • I have been in a physical fight with a six and a half foot Virgo and on a separate occasion I was in a physical fight with a seven foot tall Pisces. The Virgo just managed to ᴘιss me off worse to the point I wanted to kill him… but the Pisces scared the ever loving **** out of me and broke my jaw. Pisces would win hands down!

    Source(s): Scorpio/Scorpio/Cancer
  • virgo will probably win the petty little battles But pisces will always win the war. virgos good at tiny details, but the truth is pisces is extremely well at tiny detail themselves, even though they might lead on they don’t see things. are you kidin me the very much intutive pisces will know exactly how to tear into your soul. pushed very very hard a pisces physical capabilties will leave you aw-inspiring. in the end pisces will leave virgo ranting on and on about nonsense and trying to beat pisces buy just saying and doing more. See its like the virgo always thinks quantity is better than quality. pisces just simply knows throw the last blow and disappear leaving virgo and his pity to fight with themselves and cry and complain to all other people around them…Virgo take a long time to get over all the fighting going on inside themselves! Wheres pisces? sittin on the beach, enjoying life. Virgo? still at home tryin to perfect there come back still…Then Virgo wakes up and realizes its been 8 months and they havent seen pisces!

  • Probabllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy… VIRGO 🙂


    I am a Pisces it takes ALOT ALOT LOT to get me to throw down personally speaking have been in 2 fights with same Virgo she never had a chance either time.I will not lose if I get in a physical fight.

  • Virgo

  • LOL! My pisces friend fought with her virgo sister! If it’s physical, either one can win. If it’s logical, then Virgo, unless pisces starts lying, then either one.

  • I’d say a virgo because they are so attentive to detail that they would hit a pisces where it hurts….

    if you have any flaw coming into an arguement with a virgo, they have already got their opinion about that flaw so they would pick that other person to death.

    i’d say definitely a virgo.

    Source(s): girlfriend: virgo…very attentive to detail

    best friend: pisces…very kind and loving

  • Oh man, they’d be at each other’s throats with blood on the walls… I’m going to go with Pisces, because they don’t really get mad often but when they do – WATCH OUT!!!

  • er….no Pisces would throw tantrums like a kid’s candy has been taken away from them…All they would do is shout, moan, ***** and being like a spolit brat..

    Virgos are attentive, analytical and quick-minded like Gemini and will hurt them in the right place and time..arguments and probably in a physical fight too..

    But i would say Scorpio would do a better job..

    Source(s): Sorry just not a great fan of a Pisces thats all
  • it depends whoever knows how to fight

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