who would win parallax vs galactus?

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I’m talking about zero hour parallax aka hal jordan who went mad and killed all the green lantern corps and went about trying to rewrite history even superman was afraid of him and it took the entire dc universe to defeat him

or galactus the guy who eats planets, though he is superpowerful and he would obviously wipe the floor with the modern day parallax but he’s been defeated by the fantastic 4 several times

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  • hal jordan as parallax could control time and reality if he really wanted he could’ve erased everyone, but because he wasn’t truly evil and he just wanted everything back the way it was he didn’t do that, but if galactus had to fight him, even at his peak he would most definitely lose to parallax

  • Randy Orton HBK Cryme Tyme Brian Kendrick Candice Michelle and Maria Beth Pheonix area Chuck Palumbo Matt Morgan Rey Mysterio Boogeyman Elijah Burke Mike Knox CM Punk Mickie James significant experience: The Phenom

  • Galactus has the power cosmic and he doesn’t really eat planets he drains them of there life sustaning energy. And the FF didn’t really defeat Galactus, doesn’t count if they do while he’s in a weaken state or The Watcher gives them a device that can defeat him. I thought we’re talking about a Galactus at his peak.

    Source(s): In a what if comic the Sufer mopes the floor with all of the Avengers and kills them and in another reality. The FF fail to retrieve the Watchers weapon and earth in that reality is destroyed.

    So my money is on a fully powered healthy Galactus.

  • Galactus would win, but only just as Parallax is really powerful, and the battle would be long and exhausting.

    Source(s): Myself.

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