Why Am I So Stupid?!!?

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I’m so slow I’m beginning to think I might have some mild mental retardation or something. I’m more than slow, Just this morning I turned on the faucet and almost got shocked to death by a hairdryer. Why am I so stupid!!?? Maybe I should quit Community College, I’m too stupid. Any thoughts on how to make myself smarter? (Serious answers only please)

I look retarded in my picture?

Also, I’m ugly as ****. How much is plastic surgery?

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  • Just relax! We all make dumb mistakes. It’s normal!

    Just take some time to think before you do anything- to make sure you’re doing things properly.

    Learn to love yourself. think about smart thing’s you’ve done- you are in college for one thing. MANY MANY people don’t get that far, so congratulate yourself for that.

    If you can’t make a list- really try to think about things you’ve done that made you feel good.

    Learn new things, browse the internet. Ever wondered why exactly flushing a toilet makes the shower cold? People say it does but no one can actually explain why, so find out!

    Learn about other cultures, about other religions, politics, history.. list goes on and on, they even have university courses on YouTube,, watch those and learn a thing or two.

  • Personally I looked up this question because I feel as thought I am stupid, but really I know I am not I am a dreamer and act before I think that’s the problem. Also I have severe anxiety which doesn’t help. I say to myself your so stupid that I actually make careless mistakes. I just hope you can find a way to keep telling yourself I am smart I am smart. By the way you are not ugly stop thinking like that no one is perfect,

  • There’s no such thing as stupid or people who lack intelligence, as long as you can function in the world, such as hold down a job, you’re aware of yourself, your future and it shows a person who questions themselves which proves you aren’t stupid at all. I would say the things you do are normal and even at times i’m clumsy and at work people notice it, yet i’m smart academically and my memory is above an average level of knowledge due to being less social but you’re simply ditzy but not stupid or unintelligent by any means, we aren’t programmed as computers and robots, it’s more normal to make mistakes and every so often act puerile or have bad days, it’s part of what’s called being human.

  • Im So Stupid

  • You are stupid for thinking your stupid because at the end of the day your stupidity catches up to how stupid you think you are then your relize you’re not stupid at all.

  • I don’t know but if you turn on a faucet and get almost shocked to death by a hairdryer you don’t sound mentally impaired but you sound forgetful …and with your head in the clouds..I am sure you are normal but you are a ”dreamer” you need to occasionally wake up…and don’t drop the hairdryer into the water..then you will get a ”shock indeed” which either will kill you or it will make make your brain come alive again and wake up….You should never say that you are stupid…even stupid people don’t say that. They try to appear smart or as smart as possible and cleverness and intelligence are two different things..one can be smart..and know a lot due to life experience or one can be intellectually above average…one has to do with IQ and I believe you have a normal IQ of 100 as most of us but you are not really awake..you are a dreamer kind of person..You should be more creative..I can imagine you going to college wearing two odd shoes, because you are muddle headed thinking of something else all the time and so you get mixed up like the clumsy and muddle headed forgetful professor…Don’t call yourself stupid but maybe your memory is not that great so write things down and do something to improve your memory …crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, play charades with friends, try to watch some programmes where you can improve on general knowledge..”Are you smarter than a 5th grader, Jeopardy, who wants to be a millionaire etc…x

    PS. you aren’t ugly either. Your hairstyle is not the most flattering…maybe get a nice haircut with some bangs and a layered haircut…and use a little bit of make up then you will not look so pale..otherwise you aren’t ugly you just don’t highlight your positive assets…Your hair seems to just hang down and has not much style to it …you are too pale but a bit of make up and a different hairstyle that suits your facial shape will work wonders and you will look nice..x

  • ‘whatever you spend time thinking about, focusing on and talking about gets bigger in your life. Its fine that there are things we think about we don’t like but you could deliberately put some time into things you like about your self and what is smart about you. The more you do, the bigger those things get. Its like a muscle. I think Einstein said, if you measured the intelligence of a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would live its entire life believing it was stupid. We are all geniuses at something.

  • I decided to spend all my money in my debit card on a game membership. Now, my mom knows about it, and she s really frustrated. Because it was money given to me for emergencies. why am I so stupid. I know I will learn from this mistake, but I will learn it through a harshly path.

  • You just woke up, give your mind sometime to relax.

    I hope you don’t think you’re stupid anymore since this question was posted 3 years ago 😛

  • There’s a difference between being clumsy and just stupid in general.

    If you start thinking you’re stupid then likewise you’ll slip up and make mistakes because you’re too busy stressing about it.

  • The only thing that is stupid is worrying about what other people think about you, just know that what you think is as valid as what anyone else thinks, so think of yourself as a beautiful person.

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