Why am I so ugly?

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I am very ugly and I find it so unfair. All the girls in my school are gorgeous and when I pass them, they always laugh at me. I was nominated ugliest in class and called a witch because I have red hair and I’m ugly like one. Why was God so unfair. And don’t tell me I am beautiful and that they’re jealous, because they’re not. I want a straight answer.

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  • It’s not a matter of being ugly or pretty. It’s how you present yourself. I see people that are not the best looking lol but they dress up nice, are confident, kind, caring and have plenty even friends and are even in relationships! They’re are hella lotta attractive people who don’t present themselves well and end up alone. It’s all CONFIDENCE. Ignore them, make some friends, find things you like join good school groups and you will realize you were never ugly in the first place and you’ll find the real you. Btw red hair is beautiful whats wrong with that? In a few years you’ll realize all the people making fun of you were idiots who were bored and decided to pick on you for fun so dont take it to personal. IN ADDItion they’ll come running back apologizing when u become confident and dont give a **** about them (psychology fam)

  • Beauty is only skin deep, remember that always. School will end and you will have the rest of your life. Trust me, I was sooooo ugly as a teenager, it passed.

    There are some things that may help in the interim: !) If you have a mall or Norstroms near by, go have your make up done so you can learn how to do it. Ask them for a daytime / natural look. Most of the time it’s free 2) See about changing your hairstyle. Look at current magazines for some ideas. Talk to a real hairdresser 3) New wardrobe, even a few simple changes or accessories can help 4) Take care of your skin and body 5) stand up straight and own who you are.

    The more you let them get to you, the more they will.

  • Honestly, those girls are petty and rude. Nobody should get treated like this for something so superficial. And I very highly doubt that you are hopelessly ugly. If you are unhappy with how you look you can’t just wear some makeup, or do your hair differently, wear different clothes, etc. But stuff like that really shouldn’t matter too much. I know you said they are not jeolous of you, but they may be jeolous of your personality and how you don’t change yourself because of other people and wish they could do that. I don’t know how old you are but middle school girls are the worst, and high school girls are not much better. And just because you are “ugly” does not mean you will never find someone who will love you, the right guy will think you are worth everything. Just know there are other people that will appreciate you, even if you don’t see it.

  • Oh my gosh,

    I feel exactly the same way!

    I have low self esteem,

    so badly I complain every single day!

    I’m not even exaggerating right now.

    But I’m soon getting over it.

    Everyday, now I start saying to myself:

    • “Accept who you are, you could be worse”

    • “Everybody has a flaw”

    • “If i can’t change my appearance, I gotta make the best of it”

    AlwaysI feeling out of place when on the streets,

    Always seeing myself as something I’m not.

    I’ve been called ugly and stuff when I was in 7th grade.

    Went home crying and ends up I liked the guy!

    After that year I started to fix myself up a little

    Gotta admit, I didn’t know how to dress and stuff.

    Cutting my hair randomly, etc.

    But after a while, boys can be a**holes.

    I admit to myself I use to be cute,

    but now is ugly because I couldn’t accept my appearance

    I slowly changed how I dressed and acted.

    Once I meet him, I’m going to prove him wrong!

    But trust me. People can be such idiots, some are just

    jealous and say stuff to make them look better.

    But on the inside, they can be very caring

    ( Not this guy though )

    I actually hoped my story helped.

    Just remember there’s a lot of people

    with worse experiences of their appearance.

    Confidence is the key to everything.

    Without it, many things can go wrong.

    Source(s): – 4 year experience of being bullied

    • Has extremely low self esteem
    • Extreme perfectionist when comes to beauty

  • Oh Hun I felt so ugly in highschool that it’s ridiculous! I never got made fun of for my looks but I never had boys chasing me either, so that made me feel kind of unwanted when all of the other girls were getting boyfriends.

    What about yourself do you feel that makes you ugly? Because you might not be as ugly as you think! I thought I was HIDEOUS! But after much thought and acceptance I realized I wasn’t as ugly as I thought. I’m not gorgeous by any means, but I’m not disgusting either. What I tried to do was smile more, tried to dress more put together and it seemed to help.

    I don’t know what your situation is, but I wish future me could have told myself to not stress. Highschool is not the rest of your life I promise! It seems soooo important right now but once it ends everyone goes their seperate ways and college is nothing like highschool. You enter the real world. I hope this helps somewhat but if anything keep this in mind… Those girls picking on you will get their karma.

  • Sweetheart, i know everyone that is nice and your family and friends too will tell you it doesn’t matter, it’s what is inside that counts and I know you won’t believe it now but it’s god’s honest truth. Try your hardest not to let the a holes bring you down. I’m older now and i can tell you from experience, the girls i went to school with, some of the “hotties” are totally not hot now, some of the them have blown up, there looks have faded, etc. Then there is one girl that really stands out in my mind, she was not at all pretty in school and i remember folks making fun of her, i recently saw her on FB (mind you, im 41 now) and she blew my mind away at how beautiful she’s gotten! I dont believe she had surgery, she looks completely natural, but wow she sure has blossomed finally. So dont worry, you either will grow into your looks or not but no matter what, if you have a good heart, that is really all that matters. Confidence is totally the key so look in that mirror and see your soul, let that soul shine through and it’ll be ok. You really will be ok (hey the girl that was our schools prom queen, miss snotty pants, looks like she weighs 300 pounds now so just remember those girls that did that to you, i bet one day they will see karmas ugly stick!)

  • I doubt your red hair is ugly. I dyed mine all my life to red because I thought it beautiful. You seem to be significantly satisfied that you aren’t all you would like to be. My advice is get a good education…be smart, college, be smarter, get a good job and then work on getting some plastic surgery. It’s expensive so you will need a good job with lots of cash coming in. Be sure to check out who you use and see some of their former results and don’t go overboard. Do stick with family traits so you look like part of the family. Most of my friends have had little things done here and there and my wealthier friends have had a lot more done over the years. Just hang in there and get smart so you can get a scholarship or grant for college and then on to a good job. You may find by that time that you have found ways of making yourself look better…You’d be surprised what a good wardrobe and the way you carry yourself can do. Look at Barbra Streisand…not one of the pretties but really carries herself and look who she married…just about one of the best looking men on the planet. So see what you can do for yourself now and plan for the future. You know there aren’t really a lot of very pretty people but a lot are just really well done. Hope this helps.

  • I had the same problem. I was the ugliest. Guys didn’t like me at all, they just laughed at me all the time. And then, I am grown up. All those guys are chasing me, they want me, they are in love with me. Listen, when people make fun of you because you are ugly, study shows: you finish like winner. So, don’t worry. And if you are that ugly like you say: I can tell you this: when people grow up, they stop share people on ugly and beautiful. They just share them on bad and good. So, really, this is from expirience, i am not trying to comfort you, I try to say: this happened to me and a lot of succseful people.

  • You know I just got told I was ugly too, and by someone I personally know. It really did hurt me and that is how I ended up here…. but. to be completely honest we shouldn’t care what others think of us.. I have worked so hard to become someone with a successful career, and that person who called me ugly is stuck cleaning windows and I am certain that he will be doing that for a very long time! He might have caused a lot of doubt in me, but one advice I give to you is to never ever let them see you get affected by the words they tell you!! love yourself no matter what, and if you want to better your physical being do it for yourself only <3

  • everyone is cursed in one form or another. I have a pretty face but the most unruly curly hair that I cant do **** with and the skinniest pair of legs that would make you stop in your tacks and say eww. I lost myentire family and am stuck with an obnoxious two yr old who I adore of course but have very little help with. If vanity is something that remains important to you as you get older plastic surgery is always an option. Majority of people were cursed someway that’s life. Besides being beautiful or perfect isn’t all its cracked up to be. Imagine f ake people only wanting to date you and use you for your appearance. Personality counts a lot more than you think especially confidence

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