Why are Leo’s so prideful???

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I think my boyfriend is actually pretty tired of my pride. Instead of letting him know when something is bothering me, I usually hold it in. I know why I do this, but it seems as though when I try to explain it, I come off as being tough and resentful when he offers his opinion. This is really tearing us apart and I am fairly certain he is going to start looking for a new romance. I’m so hurt that I am pushing him away because I really love him with all my heart, but can my pride tear us apart?

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  • Ok so I have the same prob. Leo also, you have to talk to him about things holding it in will make it worse and tear you apart, I had to tell myself, TO STOP BEING A *****, and you know what I mean cuz you are doing the same thing I was, nothing is ever your fault, you get defensive when you try to talk because you are right and thats all there is to it so he needs to shut up. Right, that is how you feel? You have to give in sometimes, admit mistakes, and stop bein so god damn mean! I am trying this approach because I was moments away from losing the one I want to spend the rest of my life with….

    Good luck and you can e-mail me if need be…

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  • I actually don’t mind my Leo mate being prideful with me. Because I understand being arrogant Scorpio. The only problem I have is I feel she doesn’t always want to be truthful with me about some of her deep feelings. This probably comes from being prideful. It’s almost like she would rather pull away from me rather than showing me thing that concern her. I always tell her I want to know how you feel about things. I’m confused wit my answer a little bit so I will leave it here.

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