Why are Sagittarius so belligerant and cold?

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They don’t seem to care about others feelings and are blunt.

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  • They do care but they just believe in honesty so firmly because they never feel offended by it themselves. I am a Libra and sometimes I can see where they get carried away but just be straightforward with them and tell them that it offends you when they say whatever it is that bothers you and they will most likely stop. My brother and father are both Sagittarius people and sometimes we can get heated but you can usually overpower them with reasoning and perspective, they usually don’t argue when a point is being proven because they are logical themselves.

  • Thats pretty general and anyone can come off as belligerant and cold depends on why, my brother is a

    Sagittarius and I know at least four off the top of my head and none of the five do not care about other peoples feelings at all, being blunt does not = not caring about feelings, in fact some ppl would say that sugar coating = not caring bcuz you dont want to rock the boat. A TRUE friend will be blunt and honest everyone has feelings and they get hurt it happens its life I think sugar coating (lying) is the worst thing someone can do, you see it half full or half empty it doesnt mean either option is wrong they are both correct depending on your view.


  • People that have their sun in sagittarius do seem like they can be belligerent and cold like you said and also not to care about other feelings and are blunt.

    A sagittarian might be belligerent because hes having fun or drunk, or anything hes excited about. One might seem cold, blunt, and seem to not care about other’s feelings because they just dont realize they are being too blunt. Also, they tend to think everyone has confidence like they show. So most of them think others should have a strong emotional balance to joke about personal stuff, or criticize you bluntly, or not show a sense of care about something you really care about. They think you are able to handle what they are saying.

  • That is not a trait of Sagittarius.

    Perhaps, despite having their Sun in Sagittarius, they have a “badly-afficted” planet in Scorpio, which could make them belligerent.

    Perhaps, despite having their Sun in Sagittarius, they have a badly-afflicted planet in Capricorn, which could make them cold.

    The zodiac sign is actually just the Sun sign .. only 6% of the entire astrological personality.

  • My dad is sag. He is hot headed and blunt. He does have a caring side though. The best of both worlds.

  • Why don’t you tell us what happened first?

    Then maybe you can get an honest answer to your question

  • I know it’s like everyone born in that month is a DICK

  • They are always doing things to the extreme. If they like you, they will treat you like their best friend. If they hate you, they will treat you like their worst enemy.

  • ???

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