Why are the videos on dailymotion loading so slow?

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I tried shutting down all my other windows and other programs, etc. Just running one at a time–It still wont load completely. I try to even delete programs off of my computer it still is loading very slow or not at all and freezing. Please help. What else can I do for the videos to load and play much quicker like they used to?

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  • Check to see if your youtube is doing the same. You should try clearing your browser and changing the settings, load one vid at a time as opposed to ten, if that doesnt work try http://www.keepthevid.com/ so you can download them and view any time. It probably a glitch or overhaul ofcomputer activity your signal may not be strong enough to support a lot of pages running at once. To mak your comp faster it will need more ram and a stronger connection. The pages should load with no issues then.

  • Hey, unless you have over or around 40-50 programs, (35 is fine), deleting programs wont do anything! The problem would be a program running in the background. I have used dailymotion and youtube, and youtube is much faster, while dailymotion always has choppy video playback. Chrome has even crashed once. Its ridiculous. They could easily be competing with youtube, if they improved the interface and video playback

  • The site is always trying to load adverts when you click on a video. I see popup messages appearing in the bottom left of my screen on my laptop. It seems to spend more time doing that than loading the video.

  • youtube is not doing the same its only dailymotion , they need to fix their stuff

  • daily motion ꜱᴜcκs

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