why are virgos so shy?

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they r almost like a cancer OMGZzz.i have a friend & shes a virgo, shes very shy,timid,and very quiet.i cant cheer her up cuz shes usually nt the happytype. how can i change her to be happier?!

and why are virgos so shy?!

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  • Virgos are shy for many reasons. One, because they are prone to insecurity and they feel like people are judging them . They don’t say much because they’re observant and are constantly analyzing their surroundings.

    Try to help boost her self esteem by complimenting her, especially her appearance

  • Like any sign, Virgos differ by the decans. The first part of Virgos are the quietest of all. Second part is ambitious and they get bit talkative. The last part (close to Libra) is the most talkative of all. Having said all that, notice that I said the word quiet instead of shy. Shyness is different. Virgo is the sign that has to collect all the information before they talk about a subject. So you don’t find them in bars just pitching in a conversation like a bar talk. I won’t grade them as shy people, but quiet and reserved kind. Show your true self to a Virgo and watch. Virgo is very communicative sign. Communication is different from being talkative, as you all know.

  • I can be like that sometimes it’s easy to cheer me up thought but we are shy because if I don’t know someone I don’t want to go all out and that person doesn’t give me the same response. So i’ll wait until that person comes up to me and when we talk for a few minutes I get comfortable and than I can’t shut up lol but just make her feel comfortable and tell her everything will be ok hopefully she will open up Good Luck ! 🙂

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  • We are tricky not shy. But you will see when you get to really know us a little bit more.

    Good luck 🙂

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  • They just are.

    Source(s): And, so are people of other horoscope signs.

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