why boy likes do fliert then the girls?

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what we find that the boys always flirt with the girls they have no emotions with this relation ?

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  • If you consider all the boys, then I am here an exception who never flirt, never touch any girl intentionally in my whole life except my Mom and sister.

    It is not the nature of boy but very much of girl as well. So, just by your few experience do not consider it true. I know some boys do that but there are good persons as well, I know it is hard to find but available.

    Next time, be cautious towards it, you seems to be vulnerable and somebody has taken advantage of you so you are saying so. I come across of flirty girl but never consider whole the same.

    Next time be protective towards yourself and take interest in your own life, study and career and after achieving that go for marriage by finding a good guy, I hope divine has made someone for you, who really understand you. Keep faith and keep your further any actions and thought neat and clean. There are so many trials, temptation come across you, and divine will see how will you confront those things.

    God bless you!

  • Boys aren’t that bad!!!

    I’ve seen girls who flirt far more than guys. Anyways, by the nature of psychology and biology, boys have to be the ‘initiator’ for any relation. Thats why they come to seek your attention. If you dont like it, just tell them to go away.

    You must know, flirting is not a bad thing.

    And please try to make less spelling and grammar mistakes while posting questions.

    Enjoy 😉

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    Definitely, I hate visiting family and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is “So, any girlfriends yet to speak of?” It just irritates me, but later I think about it and I just accept that they assume I’m straight and don’t think about it any more.

  • Fliert

  • Its a art, & all boys have this quality. We born with this quality. And one more thing that mostly girls want that any boy flirt with her.

  • It’s just them trying to boost their ego and see how good they are at getting girl’s attention. Sick, I know.

    Please answer mine:


  • because its “funny” to play with girls emothions and guys dont realize that

  • It’s NATURAL and also funny

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