Why can’t non fast food restaurants pay they workers the same as anyone else?

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I do not go to tipping restaurants,(Not everybody tips)

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  • They pay the same as every one else. If you walk out with !00 dollars working at a restaurant you receive the same if you walk out of a factory with 100 dollars having worked there.

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  • The only restaurant you don’t tip at is fast food places.  Everywhere you tip.

    I agree I shouldn’t have to pay their employees. 

    But it will take a huge overhaul for this to happen.  As conley posted restaurants would have to increase their prices.  And feel that would hurt their business. They won’t do it unless they are required to increase their staff to at least minimum wage and forgo tipping. 

    Bars thought their businesses would collapse  when the smoking ban went into place. But they survived, 

  • Because they think that if they increase the price of their meals to cover paying servers a living wage that they will lose business even though that model works in countries like Italy.

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