Why did Allah shut down yahoo answers?

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  • A possible reason is that there are now far too many on this site who are so utterly deluded that they think they can get away with saying whatever they like. There may be a number of other reasons but that would appear to be a distinct possibility and also the fact that it is known that towards the end the shaytan will expose himself. Although it sounds far fetched that is not impossible on a forum such as this which does have significant media focus. However, all of these things are directly related to the fact that Allah (swt) allows to go astray whomsoever He chooses and if this site is full of seriously evil people it may be that none of them now deserve any sort of warning about what is shortly to come.

    It is a sad and tragic irony that only from believers can non believers ever hope to learn anything which might be of use to them in terms of saving their lives or being of even greater value/benefit in the long term.  

    Without the light man is left to wander blindly in darkness but, since man seems to prefer the darkness lest his bad deeds be exposed to all, we will see, in that short while, whether man actually enjoys a world without light.  

    What the owners of this site actually have, in large quantities, is definite proof or evidence of the fall of mankind as spoken of in the scriptures, whether they care to acknowledge that or not.

    I suspect that they are somewhat less than enthusiastic about what, exactly, they have witnessed on here.  Not trying to do something to stop individuals who are in the process of bringing about the end of the earth is a sin almost beyond comprehension if not a crime against humanity itself. 

    So be it. 

    Oh and btw they would appear to have an almost inexhaustible supply of excuses as to why no one, on earth, ‘in their right minds’ should try to stop them since they are the new ‘saviours of the world’ ………

    They are not.


  • Only Allah knows and there are too many trolls who abuse this site and who slander the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, constantly which is sickening. So, in some way I am happy it will be no more and there will be no more slandering, no more spreading lies on here after it closes.

  • hey dajjal, did ur sister end up converting to islam?

    this is Ibrahim the apostate btw

  • It is a good way to punish those who disparage His name on this site instead of actually learning something. Nothing happens without the Will of God. 

  • I was wondering ,when they open YA! do they ask permission from Allah.That is why.

  • It is false blasphemy because God created the good and encourages it while improving it.

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