Why did Hitler kill himself?

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Im doing a reserch project on Adolf Hitler and I cant find why he killed himself. can you tell me why in an easy to understand way. thank you!!

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  • Well, he probably realized he had lost the war, and didn’t want to run or hide, so took his own life. Also Soviet forces had surrounded Berlin and were closing in on his bunker. He knew that if he did get caught he would have a unspeakably slow, painful agonizing, humiliating death, so he killed himself.

  • He killed himself because of the fact he knew that the Russians are implementing him. He additionally knew that Nazi have been approximately to be hiutyrand or captured. consequently, Hitler commit suicide and burned himself so as that no you will stumble on his remains . He additionally killed his niece and spouse. He suggested that “you could’t stay without me.” A coward some might say he replaced into particular, even with the undeniable fact that he knew what replaced into coming and consequently killed himself in the previous somebody else could. He theory that it could be greater ideal to kill himself than to offer up and enable the English forces/French and Russian forces to kill him. Adoph Hitler died – thirtieth April 1945. The invasion of the Nazi army.

  • Of all the things Hitler did, his suicide was the most understandable.

    He was in poor health, both physically and mentally. Everything he did, he did for the love of his country and the Germanic people, even though he was utterly deluded. The vision, in his own monstrously crazed mind, of the world he hoped to forge, and everything he had lived for was crashing down around him.

  • He knew that he would either be executed by the Soviets (He knew the Soviets were taking Berlin) or be put on public trial. Neither were things he could stand. Also his entire “thousand year Reich” had been destroyed and his view of the German People had been wrong.

  • It was either commit suicide, or be captured alive by the Soviets and/or the other Allies, then be tried as a war criminal, and be executed. He chose the easy way out.

  • Because he was smart…they would have tortured him like he had tortured so many….he decided to face facts and kill himself….if he didn’t kill himself then he would not have been as well known….dead people get recognition while people who are alive get shunned.

  • he was ashamed to see that he was losing the war and he was still fearful of Germany coming under the banner of so-called jewish bolshevism

  • Because he was coward.

    Plain and Simple.

    He didn’t want to face the truth to all the horrible things he had done

  • cause germany was about to unconditionally surrender, and he was a failiure?

    edit: annonymous, hitler and eva his wife killed themselves together.

  • The indignity of being captured, major depression and his wive dies right in front of him. humph when we say we cant live without you we mean it eh.

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