why did loyalist appeal to native americans?

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1. because they doupted that the colonists could defeat the british

2. because they had sworm to uphold the king’s authority

3. because they wanted to remain nuetral

4. because they wanted the british to help keep settlers.

Ok PLEASE help cuz like to me all these answer seem good and i have no idea which one is it…. if i had to guess i would pick one but others seem like good answers too

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1 Answer

  • Native Americans were divided towards their allegiances during the war, however, Native Americans weremore likely to side with the British because in their opinion it was the colonists who were encroaching on their land. Also the Native Americans had a history of fighting with the British, during the French and Indian war. Additionally many Native American leaders believed the the British would win the war and they wanted to be on the winning side of the conflict.

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