Why did PbCl2 not precipitate immediately after adding HCl? And why does it dissolve after adding water?

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What conditions must be met by [Pb+2] and [Cl- ] for PbCl2 to form? I had to shake it to get it to precipitate. Also, why does PbCl2 dissolve after adding extra water if it is insoluble in water?

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  • PbCl2 is not insoluble. It is slightly soluble in water

    Ksp for PbCl2 equals 1.0×10^-4

    1.0×10^-4 = [Pb+2][Cl-]^2

    PbCl2 solubility is 0.0292 moles/L at 25 C in H2O

    The product of the Pb+2 concentration and the square of the Cl^-1 concentration must exceed 1×10^-4 for a precipitate of PbCl2 to form.

    [Pb+2][Cl-]^2 must exceed 1.00×10^-4 befiore a precipitate can form.

  • HCL is hydrochloric acid….Water dissolves all acids. Neutralizes them. Makes no sense.

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