Why did she do this to me? ?

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One of my former high school bullies, she is a girl and I am a guy. 

I ran into her in a restaurant and she was sitting at the table with her family. I ignored her and sit at my table with my family members. She started raising her voice where I could hear her from across the table  and told her family members “he’s a bad boy” and got into a discussion with them and then rolled her eyes towards me with a smile and kept staring at me. I didn’t act like I saw her or notice her.

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She did enough to me when I was in high school to get herself arrested.

Why did she do this at the restaurant? 

3 Answers

  • You did good by ignoring her like shes not even worthy of your attention. Chicks like that will drain your energy 

  • Small town?  That’s a good reason to move to where the real jobs are.


  • She wants you to know that you may have gotten her arrested, but she is not afraid of you.  She wants to look dominant when near you.

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