Why do bad things happen to good people … ?

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My cousin was killed in a car wreck this weekend; she was 25. She had her whole life in front of her. If their is a God, why does he/she let bad things happen to good people?

I appreciate everyone’s support, but I don’t feel qualified to choose just one Best Answer. I’ll let this one go to a vote, but again, I thank everyone for your thoughts!

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  • same reason why good things happen to bad people??

    Source(s): condolences to you and your family
  • How good or bad you are only effects how others in society view you, and if you are bad enough you might get some judgment against you. But on the whole it makes no difference if you are good or bad AS FAR AS THE UNIVERSE IS CONCERNED. I put that in all caps so people would notice that I am not suggesting that you be bad. Most people try to be good because that is what makes it easy for us to have a society and get along with others. But since the universe is the source of good and bad things that happen to people, it could care less whether you are socially well behaved or not.

  • I’m really sorry about your cousin. A seventh grader at my brother’s school was in an accident last weekend, and he passed away after being in a coma for several days. I’ve always heard that God always makes the most bad things happen to the people He loves the best.

  • Sh*t happens, man. Sometimes there’s just nothing we can do about it. I’ve known a few good people who’ve died horrible deaths as well… It’s really not fair- but that’s life. =(

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Just feel comforted in the thought that she led a good life and she was a good person. You never know, she might have touched someone else’s life in a very positive way. Nothing is ever entirely in vain.

  • Well that just hit me,

    Was not expecting that,

    OK, if there’s a God, he has a lot of explaining to do, and if I ever get the chance to stand before him, he will have to do well to get back in my good books with all the death in this world.

    Good people depart unjustly while Ꮲe̫dᎾphᎥl🄴s and sickos stalk our streets.

    If it is a constant battle between good and evil, then let it be fought.

    Once and for all.

    Source(s): I know that pain. Sorry for your loss.

    Edit – I will not down thumb other peoples life beliefs, I have no need to score points here.

  • I’m not going to feed you the “everything happens for a reason crap”. Because it’s bs. My grandparents were shot on the street by a total stranger when I was 8 or 9. The worlds unfair, but you still have to believe that there’s something better, otherwise, why would we all be born in the first place? To die?

  • bad things happen to everyone, not just good people. Its just that we notice when it happens to good people, we notice more because they have friends and family and loved ones. Its all a matter of chance, not a matter of God.

    I am extremely sorry for your loss, but you have to understand that those kinds of things are random. precautions can be taken, but everyone has the same chance to die as anyone else.

  • It’s life, I wonder about that all the time, but seriously, everyone has a purpose whether they know it or not, but not everyone can make it.

    I agree with Timmy, don’t blame God. He knows what he’s doing. You never know, the slackers right now, maybe, could become a real star one day.

  • I’m sorry to hear that! *HUG*

    Its not god’s fault, its fate, everyone has a time line and when they choose to leave this world before they even enter it, your cousin has obviously done what she was mean’t to do in this life before going to the other side to prepare for her next life, just know she is with you always!!


  • I lost my son a year ago in a car accident so know how you feel.I just praise GOD that my son didn’t suffer or be left a vegetable.We will all die the time,how, or where is not for us to question.The question is are you ready to meet your maker?

  • Things like that is exactly why I don’t believe in God. Life is completely random. People like to be comforted in believing in fate and destiny but the truth is anything can happen to anyone at any given moment, and there will be absolutely no reason for it. I’m sorry for your loss.

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