Why do marines tend to be pompous ᴅoucнᴇbags?

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I have never met a humble marine. They always scream to the heavens how they are better than anyone else and even get into barfights with people who disagree.

They dont have any respect for civillians or the other military branches, is it the training or does the program just attract these kinds of people?

Look at electricpole here, confusing a massive ego for bring manly. Well your marine brothers usually go down in one punch when they think they can pick a fight with the bouncer.

Ive been around your brothers enough to know the anon feature is good for us all in this situation.

They brag all the time, here and irl about how they are the elite and how all other military branches are redundant in their presence.

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  • How many Marines do you know? I assume not a whole lot. There are different types of Marines but in this branch it’s more cut throat than other branches. If you don’t have somewhat of a type A personality, you won’t get far in the Marine Corps. During my time in, I worked with civilians, Sailors, Soldiers and few Airmen with no issues.

  • Why in my lifetime have I never really met Marines that classify them all as bags. I seen a few, yes, but no way all. Maybe the few are just the certainly proud…

    The madness that is the Marine. I can understand that. Feeling special. I can give some kudos for such, but really. I could be easily as insulting if I really wanted to. I have a feeling that you may have over-classified a military branch and have no understanding of anything military. Last, you know what they say about assumptions?

  • The reason is because the largest part of Marine culture and training is based around telling them they are the best at everything in the world, simply for being Marines. Giving them all extreme confidence (even when unearned in a lot of cases) helps them accomplish missions because they never doubt themselves.


    Mission: Storm a hill and kill everyone on it.

    Normal human reaction: Heck No! I’ll die!

    Marine reaction: Let’s do it! We won’t die because we are Marines and are the best fighters ever! Charge!

    Outcome: If they win, it further reinforces their confidence. If they lose, they are all dead anyway so they won’t even know they lost. Their deaths are used to further bolster the survivors because now they want revenge and will fight even harder to avenge the deaths.

    Most of them are unable to “turn off” that confidence and bravado outside of work so that’s why they act how they do around civilians and other branches.

  • Boot camp Brain washing i worked with them during Vietnam and i would Not have employed any of them HRH used them as cannon Fodder in WW2

    because they were Not wanted in Europe

    My first Introduction to a usmc member was january 1942 it was putting up signs in London Whites Only Coloreds around the Back

    and I said Hey Mister it is spelled COLOUR and this white racist Fool said F””K OFF NI””ER

    i have seen them as Pompous and racist ever since

  • “Why do marines tend to be pompous ᴅoucнᴇbags”

    Not all are, you are making a generality that you are not qualified to make.

    “They dont have any respect for civillians or the other military branches,”

    Not true, Marines are taught to give the Respect that one’s Rank or Position entitles them to.

    • If you have run across one that doesn’t respect YOU, it is because YOU haven’t earned it.

      (and cowering behind the little blue weenie isn’t exactly the way to start)

    Source(s): Retired Navy and former Navy and Marine Instructor
  • Well they’re young, mostly, and a “brotherhood” of sorts, and they are trained to be aggressive. Most marines grow out of it after their service is over—but not all—-

  • For the opposite reason you find trolls coming in here with these generalizations and hiding behind their blue face of anonymity.

  • “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

    Do you want wimps defending your interests abroad?

  • Jealous, much ?

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