Why do New Yorkers hate New Jersey?

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I have lived in New Jersey, New York, Nor-Cal and So-Cal.. I will never understand why people hate places they haven’t really experienced. People from New York judge Jersey from the turnpike (there are a lot of nice parts of NJ I promise you). Living in all these different places I’ve learned that people from everywhere in the United States think that their state or region is somehow better than all the others. People from So-Cal and New York are especially arrogant. People need to get over themselves and realize that a state or county line really doesn’t separate a class of people. When you go from Hoboken to Manhattan do you feel like you are in a different country? Nope.. if you do.. you haven’t traveled enough. The fact is that most places like NY and NJ that seem to have an arrogance toward each other basically are the same place in that they could not survive without each other (though they think they could). I suggest really traveling.. there are cool people everywhere.

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  • New Yorkers doesn’t really hate New Jersey.

    I travel on transit in both NY & NJ.

    In fact, Staten Islanders wanted direct service to New Jersey, so they introduce new bus to Staten Island.

    New Jersey Transit, MTA, and Port Authority are friends and partnership with them.

    There are many NJers and NYers visit each other.

  • i’m from manhattan and that i like Jersey. I continuously dangle out at Newport Centre mall. I generally pass to the Six Flags in Jersey. i like the Nets greater suitable than i like the Knicks. and such as you pronounced, areas of Jersey city look like decrease long island.

  • New Jersey drivers and attitudes, mostly.

    Also, some NYers get frustrated that we pay for developments in NJ (via the Port Authority; funded mostly by NY and benefitting mostly NJ) while NJ tries and sometimes succeeds in stealing NY items (sports teams, Ellis Island, and they even tried to steal the stock exchange).

    Some NJites also try to pin everything bad in the region on NY; if there’s any crime in a suburban area, they are assumed to have come from NY (even though Newark is worse). NJites seem to get off on bad-mouthing NY, and then playing “victim” if they get a rebuttal.

    There’s also the icky-suburb thing.

  • new yorkers don’t hate new jersey, we just hate drivers in suvs with nj license plates that yap on their cellpone while speeding through new york city intersections with no regard for the safety of pedestrians who may be in the crosswalk.

    nyc isn’t the nj turnpike. just remember, nobody wants you here if you drive like that.

  • This is from where you sit?

    I don’t know who you have been talking with, but personally I do not hate Jersey nor do any of my friends or aquaintances


  • Drivers of nj can’t drive. they drive too slow. they can’t park their car.don’t know about parallel parking.and they are too arrogant.

  • I hate NJ I live in NY. I have been to NJ. In fact my best friend lives there. NJ reminds me of a suburb. I hate suburbs. They mix between city and country and I don’t like that.

    So I hate NJ and I have been there and I have a reason to hate it. I don’t hate it because I live in NY I hate it because it reminds me of a suburb.

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