Why do people say German women are hairy?

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lol. I never see German women that look hairy! Haha, I guess if you mean a lot of hair on their head?

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  • girls in germany do shave (and certainly do wear deodorant, if they are no pigs), but people tend to generalize the negative examples they have seen. almost everyone abroad remembers nena who was popular in the early eighties. not merely for her songs, but rather for the reason she didn´t shave her armpits that time. suddenly all german girls got accused for not shaving. and still get accused today, almost 30 years later. it´s ridiculous.

    well, i got a pic of an american actress with hairy legs. does it mean all american women don´t shave? 😉


    i agree some super-extreme feminists or women at the age of round about 50/60+ might not shave (or not regularly), but a few don´t make a majority. germany has about 40 million females.

    jane doe, the average body height of german women is 5’5”. is it that tall in your opinion? then you must be very small. 😉

  • I don’t know where you got that idea from. Back in the 1980s, shaving legs wasn’t quite popular with German women, but that’s a long time ago. Today that is just a stupid prejudice.

  • Hairy must not have to do with hairs only: http://dict.leo.org/?lp=ende&from=fx3&search=hairy

    Many German women are self-confient and they know exactly what they want and they stand up for it.

    May be that some people feel it hairy.

  • Ive never seen a hairy German girl, but a lot of them don’t wear deodorant.

    Source(s): Lived there.
  • I know I was born in Deutschland, my mother is better groomed than most trailer trash where I live. I have yet to see an Russian, German, Scandinavian or Dutch woman that look hairy. They re clean, most are tattoo free, and give a sh it about there appearance than what I see everyday around here.

  • Well ive been to Germany and when i gave my host a hug she was like 6 feet tall and my face went straight into her hairy armpits! lol Most of the women in Germany dont shave, not only Germany alot of European women dont shave either. What i did notice though is that they were very big women and they had big noses. Alot different from the “german” women in america.

  • Maybe if you actually GO to Germany. I don’t think you mean German americans

  • I’ve been there and feminism is rampant in Germany.

  • Some of them dont shave their armpits

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