why do squids have 3 hearts?

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why not just have one heart to send it straight to the various tissues instead of returning it to another heart?

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    Squid have three hearts. Two branchial hearts, feeding the gills, each surrounding the larger systemic heart that pumps blood around the body. The hearts have a faint greenish appearance and are surrounded by the renal sacs – the main excretory system of the squid. The kidneys are faint and difficult to identify and stretch from the hearts (located at the posterior side of the ink sac) to the liver. The systemic heart is made of three chambers, a lower ventricle and two upper auricles.

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    why do squids have 3 hearts?

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    What is the significance of a squid having multiple hearts?

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  • simple…lady squids are very promiscuous and slightly “whorish” where as the male squids are very devoted. emotional trauma caused by the enlightenment of the female squid’s infedility causes a massive physical trauma to the male squid’s heart. the three hearts allow for the male squid to have three chances to love before the female squid rips its heart out by being a slut and sleeping around with other young handsome squids, doing the “exchanging of the inks”

  • They have two gill hearts (one to serve each of the major branches of gills) and one systemic heart, that pumps blood to the rest of the body.

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