Why do those hot high school girls become fat and ugly? ?

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Looking back at my class of 2007, all of the hot high school girls that attended there are now as of 2021 fat ugly and they have more than a dozen kids.

What happened? 

2 Answers

  • Life happens.

  • Well, that’s a mean way of phrasing it, but yes, after a guy I was seeing in my late 20’s made a remark about the high school nerdy girls like myself always ended up being the hotties in the end, I started noticing that a many of the hot, popular girls had “let themselves go” after high school – two of them being close friends.

    My theory is that those hot girls often got into relationships early because, well, they were hot, and they had their pick of guys. Then, once as real life takes over: full time work, running your own household with all that entails, pregnancies, taking care of young children etc. many find it difficult to find the time and energy to work out, put on make-up, fix their hair the same way they did when they were living at home and all they had to worry about was school and looking good.

    You can’t really blame them. Obviously children and adult responsibilities need to take top priority when circumstances dictate that something’s got to give, and obviously it doesn’t happen to everyone. I know from myself that keeping in shape and making an effort has become more difficult as I get older. I still do it, but then again, my husband and I are childless by choice, so I’ve never had to deal with a post pregnancy body. Plus, many do find more time to themselves as the children get older and become more independent.

    As for my close friends. One I drifted apart from already in high school, but I did meet her at a class reunion where I at first didn’t recognize her because she had become extremely overweight, but we caught up, and she was happy, had two happy, healthy teenagers, was still married to her high school sweetheart (fitter than ever) who, judging by the way he treated her and looked at her, was still in love and completely smitten with her.

    The same thing goes for the other close friend whom I’m still close to. Both she and her husband have become chubby, but they’re happier than ever together, and have three happy, teenage/young adult kids.

    So, I’d say life is good for all of them, and health issues aside, there are more important things than looks.

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