Why does Dwight from The Office associate IHOP with socialism?

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Why does Dwight from The Office associate IHOP with socialism

9 Answers

  • Don’t know maybe because it exists worldwide and not just the US and Germany. Socialism means everyone’s equal even though Dwight thinks that these two nations are higher.

  • IHOP, International. Get it? Like the Internationale? HAH

  • Perhaps the International part of IHOP.

  • this is a riddle, huh?

    well, I’ll give it a try.

    you have to wait forever for a table.

    the service is lousy.

    the plates are dirty.

    the food is cold.

    & when the bill comes, it includes the table full of strangers next to you .

  • Because everybody gets pancakes. You get a choice of pancakes or pancakes.

  • Maybe they give their employees health insurance?

  • Ask the writers.

  • because its “international” and that is funny.

  • because its comedy

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