Why does he like me? I don’t understand.?

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I’ve been dating a guy for 7 weeks now, so not too long. I’ve dated and been in relationships with many guys in the past, but I’ve never felt this way before. We instantly clicked and nothing seems forced. I’m introverted but it’s so easy to talk to him. He says that we are compatible and I have to agree with him. When we get together, we really enjoy each other’s company. Time always seems to fly by and it makes the wait worth it. Also when we’re together, he makes it clear that he wants to see me again and we talk about future things. But my mind is starting to go down dark avenues.

I don’t understand why he likes me. He has tons of friends that are girls and he’s really close to some of them. Many of them are prettier than me, more athletic than me, and more outgoing than me. I’m just very mediocre. Sometimes I just want to cry because I feel like I don’t deserve him and that he deserves someone more special than me and someone who has more to offer. I don’t know why he wants to date me. I just want to know what sets me apart.

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  • I think my answer will not be so different than the others ….

    but i just wanna talk about something…

    You said you just clicked , nothing seems forced, it is so easy to talk to him, you really enjoy each others company, time fly by, and you wait for the next time … and on top of all he makes it clear that he want to see you again …

    now i am not a perfect human been… but i can read and understand out of the words you are saying that you are having the time of you life when you are together …

    but then you feel like he doesn’t deserve you …

    I have to tell you to stop feeling that because it is a huge mistake…

    you said he has tons of friends .. batter than you “as you say” and yet he is choosing you…

    ask your self this ..


    because he likes you .. as you are .. he doesn’t want more … or less … he likes you …

    it is clear as the sun … HE LIKES YOU…

    For the love of GOD PLEASE I beg you .. DO NOT THINK HE DOESN’T DESERVE YOU!

    because if he doesn’t … he would be the first to know about it … not you … DON’T THINK FOR HIM… let him decide for him …

    I am sorry if you think i am rude … but trust me … IT HURTS BIG TIME when a girl says “you don’t deserve me”

    and if you have nothing special then why is he still around you?

    I am sure you are more than what you think you are … so give your self more credit and hold on to him… because honey … HE LIKES YOU SO MUCH… and i can say he LOVES being with you.

    wish you all the best.

    God Bless.

    Source(s): My life.
    I am a normal guy who is an expert about people.
  • i’m sure your beautiful and maybe he likes you more for being yourself. just because he has alot of friends that are girls that doesn’t mean anything and don’t think people are prettier most of the time those girls probably spend hours trying to look that great, days in the tanning bed, and $ on all the makeup they cake on their face that they think they need but really don’t. you’re special to him don’t throw that away because you think that you’re obviously out going and he enjoys spending time with you as you’ve said. as he’s said you two are compatible which mean he’s really into you there is something about you, if you really want to know why he likes you and don’t say that you don’t understand and bring up all that because it could just make you look like you have low self esteem and you shouldn’t you should think highly of things you like to do, things you are good at, and know that looks aren’t everything a pretty face can only last so long, it’s what you make of yourself and how you present yourself and how you feel about yourself and who you are that will last, your personality the same way you do things that stuff will last, if you really want to know you could ask him yourself simply just “why do you like me” and he may also ask you why you like him and all you have to do is let him know all the things you like even if it’s cute things you’ve noticed he’s done. id been friends with my boyfriend for 8 years (he’s my next door neighbor) and then one day we started to date i never thought itd happen and each of us wanted to even as kids we’d liked each other and i couldn’t wait anymore so one day in art class i blurted out “i like you” and i didn’t say anything else for days (we’re both shy) and then over the weekend we talked about things and to this day we’ve been dating just about 3 years and are enɡɑɡed.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder:D. Relax, stay positive, people deserve to date who they like right? Well if he likes you, then he deserves YOU.

    Maybe because you are an introvert, and also a little low of self-confidence you don’t see in yourself what he sees in you. Just know that maybe all of your traits mixed together make you perfect for him.

    Source(s): Experience.
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  • Well he’s had lots of experience with a lot of girls. And I’ll have to admit this about guys, even though we can be jacka***** we know which girl we want. He sees something in you that you can’t see. I’m going to through the exact same thing right now its just that I haven’t told her about how I feel about her. He examined you and sees that your the person he wants to be with. It may be a little thing that you don’t even notice about yourself that seems second nature that makes him attracted to you. Don’t let him get away. You’ll regret it, maybe for the rest of your life.

  • I can’t tell you what sets you apart, as I don’t know you. However, I can tell you that if he’s with you, then he most definitely likes you for one reason or another. I guarantee that he finds you attractive, and the athleticism/outgoingness probably don’t draw him as much as your qualities do.

    The best advice I can give you, is to try not letting your mind go to those places. He likes you and that’s what matters. Try also to look at yourself, not from yourself, but from his perspective. It’s difficult to do, but it helps if you can.

    Overall, remember that over all his female friends (The pretty, athletic extroverts), he chose YOU, and has been with you for 7 weeks, and obviously plans to be with you for longer if you talk about “future things”.

    I wish you luck, and try not to be too paranoid, ok? =)

    Source(s): I had a VERY similar situation when I started dating my girlfriend. It took me a LONG time to get past it, but now we’ve just passed the 3 year mark =D
  • To him, you are obviously prettier, more fun, funnier, and just all around better than those other girls. I always thought my last boyfriend could do so much better than me, but he liked me a lot anyway. Whenever I would say something negative about myself, he would completely redirect my thoughts and tell me that it’s not true or that it doesn’t matter. Some guys are mean, but some love you just for being you.

  • It’s something he see’s that only he could tell you it could be the way you smile,or the way you talk it could be a number of things.It doesn’t matter if the other girls are prettier then you…you are u don’t you know that u are unique.He see’s a different quality in you that most girls don’t have just be glad he choose you .He knows what he wants and it’s you.

  • honey u are beautiful…even tho i havent seen that i know because every body is….he sees a spark in u he sees in no other u need to snap out of it because u are worth it…..u guys sound meant to be good luck i have high hopes…………..be sure to invite me too the wedding

  • You shouldn’t talk about yourself like that. Everyone has their own aspect that is attractive to someone. don’t feel insecure. also, if you really want to know, just ask your boyfriend.

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