why does it say comments currently unavailable on youtube?

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  • I thought it was only me with that problem.

  • I noticed this while searching videos for downloads of certain programs. I wanted to check the comments to see if the downloads were authentic, and as I have literally just downloaded Google Chrome I thought it was a problem with the new browser. But it is probably just a change in the comment system, therefore they have to take down the commenting system from the servers, but the chances are they will be back up in no time – say, a few hours to the maximum of a day – after all, youtube.com is such a commonly used website they will have to bring it back up!

  • It’s either a server issue or YouTube is under maintenance. I was on YouTube this earlier as well, when the comments were working fine so its definitely not your computer’s fault, etc. I can’t wait till they put the comments back up!! :3

    Source(s): Been on YouTube when comments were there, and the next video i clicked on and the next five they weren’t. Has a YouTube account. LOVES YOUTUBE!
  • Youtube just updated its self to Cosmic Panda. If you don’t know what Cosmic Panda is, it was this Youtube that Google was trying out by having people test it. And now, they have just switched to Cosmic, which is why the comments were unavailable because it was updating. (Well at least it’s Cosmic on my computer…) I HATE IT >.<

  • Cause sometimes when u continuously comment on yt the server gets busy and later if u wanna comment u d have to enter a code and then ur comment wil be available

  • Or maybe the governments needs time to search every comment on youtube movies to detect potential dangers 😀

    Anyway I find it really suspicious.

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  • Youtube has closed down the comments because they are currently doing research for a murder. The killer has accidentally left a comment relating to his location and has deleted his comment. They are doing intense research to find his comment. Having more people commenting on videos would spam their history pages and would take months to complete if comments were allowed

    Source(s): I DON’T work with Youtube, please don’t sue me D:
  • youtube is retarded and killed their comment hamster. Now the hamster isn’t running in the thing that runs comments on youtube and comments are abolished forever. Tough nubs man. 😛


  • Rebecca Black has too many negative comments on her new video, so they’re going through the system and deleting the really bad ones.

  • I Kues violin .. I am not alone .. YouTube management failed .. Shared only in the closed channels, only because of the copyright

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