Why does my ps3 says it has 149gb?

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Im unsure of how many gb I had when I bought my ps3 but im trying to sell it now on amazon and im trying to give the buyer the most precise description I can on my ps3, but when I google of search for ps3 149gb nothing pops up, I see 160gb,320gb and 80gb, but not 149gb. Why is that?

2 Answers

  • It’ll be a 160GB PS3, but 11GB will be taken up by system files and such.

    Like my iPod, it’s 64GB, but it only thinks it has 57.4GB.

  • Like what Aaron said, it’s the system data. It’s Total 160 GB – System Data 11 GB = 149 GB. It requires the space for the system data else it wouldn’t have the system software.

    Source(s): PS3 Owner

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