Why does Nyquil taste so bad?

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I mean the stuff works miracles but it tastes so freaking disgusting, I only use the liquid because I think it works faster (Just my opinion) but I always wondered why it tastes so bad. I know it has booze in it but even a shot of Irish whiskey doesn’t taste that bad.

4 Answers

  • If they made it taste good, more people would abuse it than they already do. Medicine isn’t supposed to be a culinary delight after all..

  • Nyquil taste so bad I throwup and stayed up to 4 am and never sleep that night

  • The makers just quit with it, when they found out it works…

    If they continued, and made it taste good, the stuff would just quit working for people…

  • Maybe because the color is attractive to kids. They make it bitter so kid won’t be encouraged to take swigs of it. Just a theory.

    ps- one of the best cures on earth for sick and sleepless nights! lol 🙂

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