Why does water taste like milk to me?

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It isn’t all the time but sometimes I’ve noticed that water tastes like milk to me. I hate milk Im lactose and just the taste of it reminds me of how bad it makes me feel so I dont like drinking water. Is there a reason behind this? my friend said it tastes like milk to her sometimes too. So is it everyone or the type of water im drinking?

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  • Make sure your drinking clean water. This has to be tap water your drinking. Some people cant drink tap water. Buy bottled water. Its fresher than tap (fossit) water.

  • Milk makes it a lot extra suitable valuable. If milk seems too wealthy and water seems too basic, attempt a million/2 milk a million/2 water. Sounds gross, yet fairly some my kinfolk do it and prefer it that way.

  • 1 or 2 percent taste like ‘watered’ down milk to most people

  • Maybe your tongue is too sentimental to milk, that is why water tastes like milk

  • because you;ve drank fgone off milk…. or because lactose milk is and oes taste liek water… so really its the oppostie… milk tastes like water to you.. not water like milk. 🙂

  • hey friend you have to check up with good doctor. it is better than other way.

  • wash the container well!

  • because your wierd

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