why does woody say there is a sɴᴀκᴇᴅ in my boot?

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ok so in the toy story movies there is a slogan that woody says which is “there is a sɴᴀκᴇᴅ in my boots” why does he say that?

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  • Cowboy’s often would come across sɴᴀκᴇᴅs when sleeping on the ground at night while herding cattle. Sɴᴀκᴇᴅs will look for dark cave-like opening to sleep during the cold of the night, so more than one cowboy in history would have actually awoken to a sɴᴀκᴇᴅ in his boot.

    Since Woody is a toy cowboy from an old 50’s western TV series ( a Sheriff actually), Disney needed sayings that a western cowboy sheriff of the old Hollywood movies would say. In this case, a Sheriff when awakening in the wild while tracking outlaws with a posse. Other such quotes made by Woody during the movie were “Reach for the sky.” such as an old west Sheriff would say (in Hollywood anyway) when coming up behind a bushwhacker or gunslinger. Also, “You’re my favorite deputy” as a cowboy sheriff would say.

  • Woody Cowboy Boots

  • For my entire life I have believed the answer to this question to be as JG described in the answer currently rated to be the best. However, I recently stumbled upon a slightly different explanation that would show the creators of Toy Story might have been thinking a little deeper.

    While originally proving to a friend of mine that the phrase, “seeing pink elephants,” meant one was suffering from alcohol induced hallucinations I discovered that pink elephants were not the subjects of the original phrase. “Seeing pink elephants,” only became a popular phrase sometime in the year 1913, but before that a very similar phrase was used. Often shortened to, “seeing sɴᴀκᴇᴅs,” the original phrase was, “seeing sɴᴀκᴇᴅs in their boot.” It served the same purpose.

    The Louisiana purchase was made in 1803, and the west was oƿє-ṅєd. By the early 1830’s the traditional cowboy was being born, and fifty years later would be a common sight. If Woody were a cowboy in this time he could be saying he was drunk.

  • Yes

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