Why doesn’t Google commemorate Columbus Day on its frontpage like the other holidays?

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  • Well my Google page has “Happy 50th Birthday Paddington Bear”, so that must be more important.

  • Google Columbus Day

  • No. The only reason this country has a Columbus Day is because for along time everyone thought that Columbus actually discovered our continent. Now, many say that the Vikings were here long before Columbus. In my home state of Minnesota, we have several items dating back to well before 1492 that are thought to have been brought here by Vikings from one or more of the Scandinavian countries.

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    I’d rather celebrate Columbus Day for a brave explorer who wasn’t perfect, but was simply a man of his times, much as the leaders in Central and South America were men of their times, and who committed far worse acts of barbarism than Columbus, than see supposedly educated people celebrating Che Guevara, who truly was a mass-murderer.

  • Google plays to a worldwide audience, so not every U.S. holiday gets commemorated with a Google Doodle. This year, Martin Luther King Day and Independence Day got doodles, but other holidays, including Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day did not.

    Last year, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Independence Day and MLK Day were commemorated.

  • OK… He was not a “Genocidal Maniac”.

    Look at Christmas… Glorifying in the birth of a person that can’t be proven to have ever actually existed yet BILLIONS of people have died in his name…

    Which of the two, girl above me, has killed more people?

    Columbus, who didn’t know he carried diseases that the natives couldn’t fight off… oh, and BTW… The natives gave Syphilis to the Spanish/Italians that took it back to Europe which killed, disabled, and maimed millions… may have led the Europeans to the US but it didn’t matter whose name was on the letter head… Columbus was just the first modern European to show up…

    It could have been anyone else on earth that ‘found’ the ‘new world’.

    As to the question at hand.

    Columbus did NOT discover the Americas…

    Asians discovered South America by ship a thousand years before that…

    Vikings landed in Canada hundreds of years before Columbus…

    Then don’t even get me in to the FOUR DISTINCT WAVES of people to come in over from Russia to Alaska then spread to populate the rest of North and South America.

    “Clovis First” my @$$.

    DNA shows that not only were the Clovis people NOT first… But there were multiple waves of migration and then interbreeding of the different peoples to have already migrated to the Americas.

    Additionally… Columbus was NOT ITALIAN. He was a member of a Gipsy Tribe from Spain that changed his name to try and scam the Spanish Crown. He ended up falling in to this situation when all he really intended to do was SCAM THE SPANISH ROYALS.

    You people REALLY need to stop listening to the bullʂɧ.ıɬ that they teach you in public schools…

    Watch History Channel once and a while or just use GOOGLE (since you obviously have internet access) and do some FACT CHECKING.

    p.s. THANK YOU for mentioning that not every AMERICAN holiday holds relevance to the rest of the world.

    Saying that a multinational corporation that serves the whole world should mention everything relevant to the United States is just silly.

    My aunt lived in France and the Netherlands for a good number of years and her friend, a HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER, from Chicago went over to visit one year for the holidays and said (And I swear to any god you want me to) “What? They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in France?”

    My aunt, a former teacher, looked at this CURRENT TEACHER and just shook her head and walked away.

    AN AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER couldn’t understand that the French didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in France.

    And THAT is why I am partly ashamed to be an American…

    Oh, that and 20/20’s ‘quiz’ at “Rock the Vote” where people couldn’t even answer simple questions like “How many Senators are there” and “Who is this picture of”. ONLY ONE PERSON could name the Judge that heads the Supreme Court yet ALL of them got “Judge Judy”.

    If you can’t take the time to learn, you REALLY need to keep your mouth shut.

  • Google chooses not to celebrate Columbus Day because they are liberals. “Politically correct” liberals feel that Christopher Columbus is not worthy of any historical recognition for two reasons:

    1. He killed savages (Taino), who probably would have killed him and his men, eaten his entrails, drank their blood and used his bones as jewelry.

    2. His “discovery” of America may not have been the first discovery by whites.

    These two reasons are bogus because first, rewriting history because a historical figure was supposedly cruel and may have killed some savages to protect his men is a self-hating-Hollywood liberal ploy. And second, Columbus brought the “New World” concept to Europeans, and is therefore directly responsible for the colonization and civilization that is America, so whether or not a Viking ship (also pagan savages) landed in America a few years prior is really irrelevant and does not change the fact that Columbus is part of American and European history.

    Before Columbus (and even after) there was general consensus and Church doctorate that the earth was flat. Columbus bravely sailed into the Atlantic.

    Most of the malice towards Columbus is due to Hollywood’s representation as him. He may not have been a good manager, and he may have killed savages, but he should not be denied his rightful pace in history.

    Google is merely jumping on the liberal bandwagon of Columbus bashers. Paddington Bear is a fictional character, even less significant as Marry Poppins or Whinnie the Pooh. They should really be ashamed of themselves for shunning the holiday.

    Ask Google, who murdered more Native Americans/Caribeans, Columbus, or any Union Army general?

    The truth is that the sources that say Columbus was such a bad guy are speculative. It was most likely common white diseases that killed the Taino people for the most part.

    Read on for a tongue-in-cheek historical explanation of the liberal explanation of slavery:

    Liberal history loves to over-simplify events to glorify themselves as good, or erase bad. Ask any liberally-schooled child in the United States, “Why was the Civil War fought?” and they will answer slavery; when the historically accurate answer would be economics (money). Slavery was in fact a large part of economics, but to suggest that the consensus in the North was pro-abolitionist is complete bunk. The North simply had less use for slaves than the South. The North sought to hurt the South economically by abolishing slavery after the South succeeded from the federalist North.

    Of course, now, all white people pat themselves on the back and say, we abolished slavery, Lincoln was a just man. He also happened to create the largest unemployment issue in history when he liberated thousands of slaves. Lincoln was killed before he could execute their return to Africa. At the time, repatriation to Africa would have been the morally just thing to do for the freed slaves who did not want to remain in a country full of their former owners without employment, no? Of course, some African-Americans would have wanted to stay, but they should have had the choice.

    Unfortunately for the former slaves, the worst president in history- Andrew Johnson, a Democrat and generally disliked traitor from the south, had Lincoln assassinated. Johnson went on to be the (disputed) worst president in American history, and one of the three to be impeached. The rest is all history (just don’t change it).

    Source(s): Lerone Bennett, Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream
  • Because Political Correctness and the almighty dollar guides them!!

  • because they only do the main holidays like christmas, halloween, 4th of july, new years etc……

  • Because this is a silly holiday that should not be around anymore. Why celebrate a day that a man took over land and killed many people.

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