Why don’t albino people dye their hair and get spray tans?

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I’m not being hateful; I’m just wondering.

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  • Why would they?

    To the cнιcκ that thinks it can’t be done – There was an MTV True Life that was about a few people who were albinos and one guy said his sister is albino as well and she spray tans and dyes her hair darker blonde. It’s definitely possible to dye your hair as an albino.

  • Albino Fake Tan

  • well an albino person is born lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair.

    alot of people are teased for it and fell diffrent. they are born with whitish/blond hair and everyone else arong them doesnt have that. but at the same time, you could ask, why do you dye your hair? everyone dyes their hair and its usually because they dont like they natural hair color.

    now as far a the spray on tan, the sun can be dangerous of people with albino skin because they have alot less pigmentation and pigmentation protects your skin from the sun. so since an actual tan would be harmful a spray on is the best option

    Source(s): i have a cousin who is albino
    also, i read the girl above me question and actually, im a hair stylist and the hair dye does hold into the hair maybe her mom isnt doing it right:(
  • A spray tan looks just like a spray tan. Fake and orange. There’s nothing wrong with pale.

  • Tanner skin is better for golden-haired hair and paler skin is much better for black hair.

  • Because It would just look awkward. Their eyes and hair roots will still look pale

  • There hair wouldn’t be able to hold the color because they lack the pigment that goes through a chemical change to color. If they got a spray tan they would have blotching spots because of lack of pigment frail skin and basically its all about pigment

    Source(s): Moms a Hair dresser sisters a dermatologist. BEST ANSWER PLS:P
  • Good point and contacts because they have red eyes.

  • because there eyes are still red.

  • Do you have to conform?

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