Why don’t you wear white after labor day?

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big question, just wondering

i know that you can now, but I was wondering why people say that you can’t.

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  • Because it’s supposedly a summer color, but that rule is a bit old fashioned. You can wear white in December if you really want!!

  • Wearing White After Labour Day

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    Why don’t you wear white after labor day?

    big question, just wondering

  • its suppose to be because white doesn’t go with the seasons Fall and Winters fashion ..but I think that’s just dumb. I wear white after Labour day all the time its the colour that looks best on me.

  • Way back when, people took out their “whites”, that were mainly cotton and linen for the summer and put them away after labor day, the official end of summer.

  • im not sure maybe just like coz usually after labor day its starts to be fall and winter and they think whites a summer color…lol i really dont know

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  • Lol I thought it was before Labor Day !


  • I have no clue but im wearing my white skinny jeans tomorrow. So..

  • apparently it’s too summery, but i don’t go by that. no one does anymore.

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